Welcome to the Nurse Telephone Triage Service

Nurse telephone triage service is an RN-owned company committed to provide high quality telephone triage health advice to patients and caregivers. Our service allows physicians and healthcare providers to have an enhanced quality of life with their own families. This in turn will also allow the physicians to be more productive with their own patients in the office setting.

The physicians can be assured that their patients are cared for in the after hours times, using the same standards that they are accustomed to in their own practices. We strive to be an extension of the office, to work with the physicians, and to provide continuity of excellent care.

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The Nurse Telephone Triage Blog

The Nurse Telephone Triage Service blog is for health care professionals who are interested in or work in telehealth or telephone triage. In it, you will find facts and ideas on how to manage the difficult caller, the legalities of triage and what the nurse's responsibilities are, the latest trends in healthcare, how to recognize a true emergency when you cannot visualize the patient, and some examples of triaging complicated calls and what the outcomes are. We hope that you will find the information informative and useful, and welcome your emails on comments and suggestions that you may have.


Nurse Telephone Triage Service would like to provide you with the information to help you make a very important decision on who will help you care for your patients after hours. We would like to extend the opportunity for you to speak with the owners of NTTS regarding the high quality triage service that our nurses provide at a very competitive rate. We have assisted in the transition of other practices during change of service providers and can assure you that the transition will be smooth and unnoticed. Verbal references from very satisfied physicians are available upon request. Before you make your decision please contact us at the numbers listed for more information on how we can assist you and your staff during this transition.